Individual Tours & Transfers in Cyprus

Exclusive Excursions

Overnight in mountain villages

Picturesque rural settlements of Cyprus attract travelers not less than sunny beaches or ancient monasteries of the island. Cypriot village famous with charming sceneries, with subsistence farming gifts and winemaking, salubrious climate. Here you can forget about the stresses and strains bustle of city life. Will be able to relax in comfort in the midst of rural beauty or hiking in the clean mountain air.

Overnight in Monastery of Kykkos Virgin

Christian Cyprus attracts a large number of faithful pilgrims, as well as admirers of the history of religion. This ancient center of Orthodoxy witnessed acts of the Apostles, Martyrs, Christian saints. Island, deservedly called the island of saints, takes people from many different countries. Today Cyprus hospitably opens its doors to the origins of Christianity, gives opportunity to get closer to religious shrines.