Individual Tours & Transfers in Cyprus

Individual Tours

Prices for individual tours

You can book a private tour and travel with your family or with a group of friends on the proposed routes, or create your own itinerary by yourself or with the help of a guide.

The price for a full day (8 hours) For a car
Car (up to 4 people) €250.00€215.00
Car (up to 6 people) €350.00€315.00
Minibus (up to 10 people) €500.00€450.00

Pilgrimage Tour

Do not lose the unique opportunity to perform a pilgrim journey over Cyprus. Select one of the three possible routes and feel the sensation of meeting the Christian relics.
Tour 1. Includes the visit to the ancient monastery Trooditissa that's located 1300 meters above the sea level. The icon of the Virgin Mary of Trooditissa is housed in the monastery. The other relic of this holy place is the miracle-working belt that can cure women's infertility. The other point of this pilgrim tour is the Kikkos monastery.

Gastronomic Tour

One of the wonderful opportunities to discover the country is to explore the local color of its unique cuisine. A special gastronomic tour will be a nice chance to do that. Your unforgettable journey will start from rich Cypriot coffee in the Omodos village that is famous for its perfect wine industry and a summertime delicious dishes festival.


A journey to the Pathos city will be for you an unforgettable excursion to the world of legends and ancient stories that are popular nowadays. The famous Curium Amphitheater will open the kingdom of these myths. This landmark has saved the impressive buildings of ancient times up to current moment. The oldest amphitheater that came down to us through the centuries lends itself today as a stage during summertime dramatic performances. The next place you'll visit will be even more amazing - Aphrodite’s birth cradle with its awesome aura.

Grand Tour - Kikkos

An interesting excursion program is a great chance to see many unique places in Cyprus. As a part of this tour you can visit an amazing forest highland, an ancient orthodox monastery and the outskirts of well-known ski resort. Village Lefkara is a popular place in Cyprus that is located in colorific sight of mountain group Troodos. All the houses in Lefkara are carefully survived to the present day from its initial construction. St. Neophytos was born here one day.

Behind the line

At this time you are going to have a unique journey to the city of Famagusta. Its name, being literally translated from Greek, means “City, hidden in the sands”. It was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci himself. You will get the unique opportunity to see the closed area of the city with your own eyes. Everything there remains as it was years ago - the interior decor of houses, shop windows, sign-boards. Now it is a "ghost town."


A tour of the two well-known resort towns - Larnaca and Nicosia - will bring you a lot of lasting impressions. Also, you will learn a lot about the historical and cultural monuments of these cities. Larnaca will give you an unforgettable view of the seafront with its magnificent date alley. You will get the opportunity to visit the Church of St. Lazarus and touch his relics. This tour also includes a visit to a Muslim shrine - a world-known mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke, which the faithful follower of Mohammedanism Umm Haram was buried in.

True Cyprus

The unique beauty of Cyprus attracts many tourists willing to have a good rest. Scenic region which combines modern comfort and ancient traditions appears with its beauty right in front of visitants. One of the most popular places is the ancient monastery Machaira. It is rightly ranked as one of the three most important monasteries of Cyprus. The miracle-working icon of the Virgin, also known as a Knife Icon, was found right in Machaira.