Individual Tours & Transfers in Cyprus

Pilgrimage Tour

Do not lose the unique opportunity to perform a pilgrim journey over Cyprus. Select one of the three possible routes and feel the sensation of meeting the Christian relics.

Tour 1. Includes the visit to the ancient monastery Trooditissa that's located 1300 meters above the sea level. The icon of the Virgin Mary of Trooditissa is housed in the monastery. The other relic of this holy place is the miracle-working belt that can cure women's infertility. The other point of this pilgrim tour is the Kikkos monastery. The believers from all over the world arrive there to adore the holy hallows and see the icon of the Virgin Mary created by the Apostle Luca — it's the only icon that was created during the life of the Virgin Mary herself.  The famous temple of Sts. Cyprian and Justina is also the place of pilgrimage as the hallows and holy relics kept there can cure any illnesses. It's located in the village Menico near Nicosia.  

Tour 2. Includes the visit to the Macheras monastery which was founded in the 12th century. It's surrounded by the beautiful forests and houses the priceless sacred relic — the Wonder-working icon of the Holy Mother Macheras. The monastery of St. Thecla is also very interesting for pilgrims. The wonder-working spring of curative muds is located right near it. The next point of the tour is the Church of the Holy Mother of the Golden Cave where the holy icon of the Virgin Mary was accepted. The Lazarus temple is justly thought of as the main heritage of Orthodox Cyprus. The tomb where the holy Lazarus was buried is located there.

Tour 3. This tour gives the chance to see the part of the Pillar near which St. Paul is said to be bound and whipped. You will also be able to visit the monastery and adore the hallows of St. Neophytus who decided held the life-long seclusion.

All pilgrims who would like to visit the church of Panagia Chrysopolitissa will see the monk cell built in the nature-created sandstone cave. The icon of the Virgin Mary is located there: locals often offer their prayers to it, especially in the time of severe drought.

Prices for individual tour

The price for a full day (8 hours) For a car
1 - 4 Person €250.00€215.00
1 - 6 Person €350.00€315.00
1 - 10 Person €500.00€450.00
* Until 30/04/2019 discount on all individual tours 20%