Individual Tours & Transfers in Cyprus


A journey to the Pathos city will be for you an unforgettable excursion to the world of legends and ancient stories that are popular nowadays. The famous Curium Amphitheater will open the kingdom of these myths. This landmark has saved the impressive buildings of ancient times up to current moment.  The oldest amphitheater that came down to us through the centuries lends itself today as a stage during summertime dramatic performances. The next place you'll visit will be even more amazing - Aphrodite’s birth cradle with its awesome aura. According to the legend the goddess was born from the sea foam in the suburbs of Pathos.  Pathos itself is included to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can find here the great number of absolutely unique landmarks.  The most attractive for tourists are the following places: the pillar, where Saint Paul was supposedly tortured, and the Houses of Dionysus with remarkable mosaics perfectly preserved after years. In addition to the cultural program, you can enjoy the beauty of Pathos seafront, taste the unique Greek cuisine’s dishes or buy some wonderful souvenirs.

Prices for individual tour

The price for a full day (8 hours) For a car
1 - 4 Person €250.00€215.00
1 - 6 Person €350.00€315.00
1 - 10 Person €500.00€450.00
* Until 30/04/2019 discount on all individual tours 20%