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Rental cars in Cyprus

Traveling on the island, may be even not interesting to know the pricing of taxi in Cyprus and where is a bus station. Because there is much easier way - to rent a car. Let’s see how it can be done in Cyprus?

Village taxi

As already mentioned, intercity buses and route taxis in Cyprus are responsible for the transportation of passengers between major cities. In small towns, this type of transport does not work. And what if your route is passing through remote village? The rustic taxi will help you in such situation.

Are there buses in Cyprus

Last time we mentioned the possibility of traveling in Cyprus by taxi. Today you will learn the most interesting things about buses' routes in Cyprus.

Route Taxi

Route taxi in Cyprus is a vehicle, about which we have not spoken yet. Travel Express operates on the entire island.

Cyprus Taxi Features

Want to find useful information about taxis in Cyprus? Wonderful! It is time to find out the secrets of Cypriot transport.

The cost of a taxi in Cyprus

By visiting a website of any active tourist company you can understand the price for a taxi in Cyprus, as well as you can find detailed information about a car rent. Usually the company specifies direction of the transfer, distance, time and price. You decide what to choose. Of course you can use some tricks in order to make your transfer cheaper, find travel companions, for example. It is useful to know how to order a taxi in Cyprus not only for your convenience but profit as well.

How to order taxi in Cyprus?

Every year a lot of tourists visit Cyprus from all over the world with their own plans and ideas. It is not easy to organize business, private trip in little- known country without a taxi. Nowadays thanks to advanced tourist services it’s not difficult. We recommend you have a look at prices and terms of various tourist companies in advance. Just type “taxi Cyprus Larnaca” in a search base and write out few variants. Please bear in mind that transfers at night time are usually more expensive.

Available transfer in Cyprus

The impression of the trip in a new place depends on the comfort of the transfer. Usually transfer is a prebooked car with a driver. The trip is discussed in advance. Planning your tour to any country please take care of affordable and quality transfer, Cyprus – no exception.

How much does the taxi cost in Larnaca?

Larnaca is one of three big cities in Cyprus visited by the tourists. Larnaca is of particular interest of the tourists as the first bishop of Larnaca, St. Lazaros, resurgent by Jesus, lived here for long time. Also Larnaca is located only 5 km from the biggest international airport in Cyprus. All the guests are interested, how much is the taxi in Larnaca?

Taxi in Cyprus – all directions

Are you planning to visit Cyprus? Then you definitely want to know the price of the taxi in Cyprus and how to book it. We offer you the services of “A.G.Olea” Tourist Company that will help you in the best way to organize transfers in Cyprus.